End of Semester FAQ
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If I e-mail you about my grade before you even know it, will I accomplish anything more than just ticking you off?

No.  I will not tell you your grade yet because I don't know your grade yet. Do not e-mail me before December 16.  At this point I've gotten about 20 e-mails about grades, and the final lab scores are not even turned in yet.  Cut me some slack and show some patience already, willya?

When will I know my grade?

Update:  Grades were submitted to the university on December 14, and should be available on the 15th or 16th.

Final grades will be posted some time before December 21.  Before then the TA's have to finish grading make-up labs, enter scores into the grading spreadsheet, and double-check all the entries.  Then Dr. Anderson will go over all the scores and determine final grades.  No grades will be posted until they have all been determined, so please be patient.

Where do I go for my make-up lab?

Check the online make-up schedules for the room number, or look for the signs in the hallway on your make-up day.  No matter what room was your normal lab room, all make-up labs will be done in rooms 4.116 and 4.124.

Online Make-up schedules (pdf files):

                 Monday Morning            Monday Afternoon

                Tuesday Morning           Tuesday Afternoon

When and where do I turn in my extra credit?

You can bring it to the stockroom any time before your scheduled make-up lab time, otherwise bring it to your TA at the start of your regularly scheduled make-up lab time during the week after Thanksgiving.  No extra credit regrades will be accepted late!

When and where do I turn in my notebook?

If you are not doing a make-up lab, then turn in your notebook when you turn in your report and post-lab for Experiment 10.  If you are doing a make-up lab, then bring your notebook to the stockroom one week after completing the make-up lab and turn it in with your make-up lab report.  The final report and notebook are due at what would be the start of your regular lab time.

When and where do I turn in my make-up lab report and post-lab?

You have one week after doing the experiment to turn in the write-up at the stockroom.  All make-up lab reports are due by Tuesday, December 5.  No late make-up lab reports will be accepted!

When do I get my notebook and final lab report back?

After final grades are turned in you can pick them up from the stockroom.

Where can I go to get my poodle clipped in Burbank?

At Ralph's vegetarian poodle clippin'.

Do we have class during make-up week?

No.  Go directly to lab at your normal lab time. (9:am or 2:pm)

Any other questions?

E-mail Dr. Anderson.



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