This page is an electronic dumping ground for any assorted handouts that become available over the course of the semester.


Experiment 10:  Post-Lab 10 Hint sheet (pdf file).   This will save you some time over Thanksgiving weekend working on the post-lab problems.


Experiment 9:  Dr. Leytner's cheat sheet.


Experiment 8:  This help sheet will get you started in the right direction on Post-Lab 8.


Experiment 7:  This cheat sheet, courtesy of Dr. Leytner, will help guide you through the calculations for Experiment 7.

Grade Calculator:

Click here to open an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to calculate your ongoing grade in CH 204.  To save the spreadsheet on your own computer, choose Save As from the File menu.  I apologize for my distasteful choice of colors in the various columns, and I encourage you to change them to something less offensive in your own copy of the spreadsheet.  You can change cell colors by highlighting the cells and then clicking on the little paint can in the upper right corner.


Experiment 4:

     Dr. Leytner's cheat sheet for Experiment 4


Experiment 1:

     Sample Preliminary Write-Up

     Sample Lab Report

     Sample Quiz 1

     Another Sample Quiz 1

     A note on the accuracy of lab glassware

     How to determine the error in the slope of a line








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