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End of Semester FAQ




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Herr Doktor Anderson

When is the make-up lab?

The week after Experiment 10 at your usual lab time, just like it says in the syllabus.

Where do I turn in my Experiment 10 report and my notebook?

Your lab reports are due as usual during the first five minutes of lab, one week after you do the experiment.  So come to lab at your usual time during the week of April 27-29, and your TA will be there to accept your papers.  You will also turn in your notebook at this time unless you have a make-up lab to do.   Turn in your report and your notebook separately.  Do not leave Experiment 10 in your notebook.  Make sure you have copies of all your graphs attached in your notebook.   Make sure there is a table of contents in your notebook.

Where can I turn my stuff in early?

At the stockroom.

Where do I go for my make-up lab?

We will do all the make-up labs in rooms 4.116 and 4.124 at the end of the hallway.  There will be signs posted outside the lab rooms telling you which room to work in.  We'll have five experiments working in one room and the other five in the other room.

Do we have class during make-up week?

No.  Go directly to lab at your normal lab time.

Are there office hours during make-up week?

Yes, and you can always e-mail Dr. Anderson for help, too.

Can I use the make-up week to redo an experiment I did badly on?

Sorry, no.  Make-up week is for missed labs only, otherwise we'd get swamped.

When and where do I turn in my make-up lab report and post-lab?

You have one week after doing the make-up lab to turn in the write-up at the stockroom or to Dr. Anderson.   No late make-up lab reports will be accepted!  The TA's need to get all the make-up lab reports graded, and they also have their own finals to study for, so they are not allowed to accept any late make-up work.

When do I get my notebook and final lab report back?

After final exams are over you can pick them up from the stockroom.  They will have them available until the end of the Fall 2009 semester.

Where can I go to get my poodle clipped in Burbank?

At Ralph's vegetarian poodle clippin'.

When will I know my grade?

The short answer is May 17.  If they're not available on May 17, it means we hit a snag somewhere along the way, so be patient for a few days more. The schedule looks something like this:

Make-up labs are performed on April 27 - 29.
Make-up labs are due on May 4 - 6.
Make-up labs must be graded by May 11.
Dr. Anderson will go over all grades with TA's on May 11 - 15.
Final grades will be submitted to the University on May 16, and available for viewing on May 17.

I know this is a long time to wait for those of you who finished your last lab on April 20 - 22, but we can't assign any grades until all the grades are ready.  If we get through the process sooner than May 17, I'll post a notice here.

Is there going to be a curve?

No.  It's 90/80/70/60, just like the syllabus says.

Do you drop the lowest lab grade?

No.  I drop the lowest quiz grade, but all the lab grades count.

Can I do anything for extra credit?

Nope, sorry.

Any other questions?

Check the syllabus or e-mail Dr. Anderson.